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So a few weeks ago someone asked for Harry with dreads on 1d-artists-community and I loved the idea cause JUST YEAH
Here it is.
You can go there, but stop!
This is edited, this one is the original.

Uh, I did not do anything. Then why I got a bunch of new followers? o_o

It is not bad, I am so glad, I just do not know the reason. :”D But thank you so much! It means too much to me. ;___;

Welcome to my world new little stars! ~ ♥ xx

*Psst. Please help If you know… >_>* 

Posted: 1 day ago
Anonymous: "you are so nice with everyone -3- amazing artist! "
How many little hearts are there in the world? TT__TT I think more than anyone thought. You are very very kind! Thank you so much! You know, these little thoughts mean the sunbeams on my cloudy sky. Thank you. ~ ♥ xx

Answered: 1 week ago
Anonymous: "Hello from Russia. You are so cute :3 ily xx "
Hey there Russia~ 

Ahhaha, cuties stop please. I am blushing. Cute am I? I am sure, because I speak in funny English, right? :DD

But I love you too! 

I throw my kisses for You from Hungary~ ♥ xx

By the way, I like Russia and Russian language (mostly music). ~ And there are a lot of my favourite artists, so there must to be a great place! *-*

Answered: 1 week ago
Anonymous: "Oh my god Fruzsi you are so kind. I'm melting aw :3 "
Ahh, weell, I am not. But you are! ~ Unfortunately I probebly do not know that whom should I hug, but I send you a lot of love! ~ ♥ xx

Answered: 1 week ago
This Is All Ours
All day
Original size
Anonymous: "your blog is so cute ;-; <3 "
Aww, you are cuter~ 
By the way thank you so much! I tried to make that. :) ♥ xx

Answered: 1 week ago
curlsandvanss: "Oooh no no no! Love don't give up, never! You're so so good at drawing and nice and pretty and we just love you! "
I want to hug you too kind people in my life. TT____TT 
I-I just want to thank everything. Sometimes I forget why I am still drawing…

But now I will finish my drawing not too long… ~ This is a big thing. That I thank to you. I have no enough word for it. ♥ xx

Answered: 1 week ago
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