i love your design for 'On The Wall' so much like literally it's probably one of my favourite pieces of work - do you maybe have like a society6 or something so i could maybe purchase your art like for an ipod case bc i've been looking for one - sorry this is totally random and whatever but that's what i was wondering x


Hey sweetheart! ~ 
Ahh, really? OwO I am sooo glad to hear that! Thank you soo much! Oh yes, that is already on my S6 for You! The original is the left one, but if you prefer the right one, I will do for available! If you have any wish please do not hesitate to ask me! ~ I love you, honey! ♥ xx

*Whispering* I still work on my series what is similar to this. 

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love you blog your an amazing artist but i was just woundering about your theme because its very hard to see your art page/any link page because it only takes up a small part of my sceen on the left side and the art is very small i just thought i would let you know bc its a georgeous theme but maybe you could adjust it so it took up the whole page so we could see your art clearer :D xx love youu


OHh, yes, you are exactly right! I tried it a few times. :D I still work on it… >_>
I would like to change my theme, but I am not so good in HTML. I need more time. 
By the way, thank you so much for your observations, I really appreciate! Please be patience, I hope I can finish that in this month… I really hope. >I can not do pop-up menu like I would like…< x____x
I love you toooo~ And thank you very much! ~ ♥ xx

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Larry Print

Just ordered this for my wall!  Thank you so much for making it available!!! Can’t wait for it to come in!!! <3


You are the first one. I never thought someone will be that ever. ;___;

Thank you-thank you-thank you soo much, you cutie! ~ 

I have no words how much means it to me! I really appreciate. And this makes me to do more… Ahhh. Thank you so much for giving THE HOPE. 

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God..I'm in love with your most recent work you put up. I'm assuming you do it digitally? It's crazy how it looks like a painting on a canvas!


Hii Darling! ~ 
Awww, thank you soooo much, you cutie! ~ It means a lot!
No. Not really. Just in half. I did digitally just the blue canvas of background and outside the lights. But the main picture is painted with watercolour. I painted on paper. :)
But I am so glad you like it! ~ *—* 
Lot of Love! ♥ xx

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Why hello. :) Just wanted to say that I'm completely besotted with your art style and that you are amazingly talented. Carry on being incredible. xxxx


OH MY DEAREST GOD ABOVE THE CLOUDS!! Eravain, Lizzie. Jesus. NO. YOU DO NOT SAY ANYTHING! You can not do. I am so sorry. I am not alive anymore… x________________x

But. Wait. Your words make me exhumed. It is too much for me. But. Ahhh. Thank you-thank you soooo much!!!!!!! TT____TT It means too much. It is like the air when I am under the water. So thank you. ♥ 

And YOU are incredible artist!!!! Not me. Jesus. I love your art sooo much! ~ I would like to see more of that. *——*

P.s. Eravain and Channybee are following me. Where is my pit? xx

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