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Uhh. I just finished this one, but I want to repaint right now… I do not think I chose the best materials. :/ 

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Anonymous: "Sending love from America :)) "
D’aaaaaaaw, thank you so much my little American Anon! ~ 

I am sending more love from Hungary (my heart is much bigger than my country!!!) ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ xx

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Anonymous: "I agree with you. Louis used to top but now is Harry. And yes, For me Louis is definitely the most feminine. "
Oh, yes, we are on the right side, darling! ~ ♥ xx

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Whose crown is that…?
Inspired by this gif, so this is not my fault:

" I must be fireproof, ‘cause when you kiss me you’re so hot you could make the water catch fire"

Hey there! ~ 
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If you want anything else of my art please feel free to ask me! 

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Anonymous: "Harry or louis tops? Or better, who do you think is the more feminine? "
That always is a hard question. But most of the times I think Harry tops. At beginning of their relationship that was Louis, but they changed by now. And Louis has more feminine things than masculine features. Just look at him. I am literally melting. If I have to imagine an angel, I see only Louis… Ahhhh….. >____>

Could I know what is Your opinion? ~ ♥ xx 

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