look :) 24. media. tumblr. com/4d5bd16b818cc56a0e2c67f6bed1101f/tumblr_n4cpgu6qJL1s7hgi6o1_500. gif


Wow, It looks like more beautiful like mine, but I think it is a little bit fast than what I imagined. I can not slow that to be pretty.

Thank you so much, and you feel free for these editing! I do not know enough world of animation. :)

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Hi, just wondering if you knew your art was being reposted else where. Like um here ink361(.)com/app/photo/ig-694246849672065270_466792251


Hi love! Oh no, I did not know… Thank you so much for warning. But I think I can not do anything… :/ It is too bad.

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