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Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns

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That awkward moment when your paper is not enough…
(And you have no more similar paper… )
My brush on your body
stylinsmutreblog: "Can I ask why you don't do t-shirts on Society6? Just wondering really... Love your art by the way! You're very talented! :) Xx "
Aaaah, thank you so much my Darling! ~
It means a lot!! ♥
Weeell, actually I do not think that someone would like to see my art on a t-shirt. >_>
Do you think I should to make available also for t-shirts? .___. ~ xx

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Anonymous: "Will you finish your louis' suicide drawing? I saw an anon talking about it and I'd be really interessed! "
Ahh, yes, I still want to finish that. Maybe now I will have more time. And I think it will be actual when the school starts. 
I hope you like when you see it. And thank you so much for your interest! ~ ♥ xx

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Reblog if you have made a friend online that you would love to hang with, but they live far away.



pass-the-pencil 🙋


Soon I will have more such friends than in real life… But I am happy. TT__TT ~ ♥ 
I amo téged sooo much, il mia little cuppycake~~ ♥

Come on, make a huuuuuuuge huuuug. TT__TT Io akarlak téged~ 

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Uhh. Idk why. Sorry.
Anonymous: "no reason really.. :') I just saw your last drawing where you were writing some words in italian and I was happy because I am Italian :) xx "
Haha, it is okay. I am sorry, I made you disappointed. >_> 
Erica is Italian and when we are talking, we are mixing each other’s language. :D That is our own language. :) xx

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Anonymous: "where are you from? I mean...which country? "
From Hungary. Can I ask it, why are you wondering about it? :) ~ x

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Tanti auguri to Tu, il mio raggio di solei, nwalmaerx! ~__~ ♥
I wish you every happiness this special day brings! Have a wonderful compleanno! ~ 
And yes, of course, original on deviantArt, where everything has began. I amo téged so much, little Napsugaram! ♥ ♥ ♥ xx
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